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The worlds most comfortable furniture made in Norway. Have a look and see why Stressless are the innovators of comfort.


The worlds most famous furniture is at Homemakers Ingham! We have a huge range of La-Z-Boy, check out the lazboy here.


Homemakers is Australia’s largest furniture buying group. Exceptional quality and value, we are sure to have something for you.


Stressless is one of the most famous comfort furniture brands and is manufactured by Ekornes in Norway. The Stressless comfort recliner chairs have been manufactured for 50 years, and we are continuously working on improving every detail of our products. Take the Comfort Test at one of our many retailers and experience the difference a Stressless makes. Stressless’ patented innovations are only found in Stressless seating solutions.

Try our comfort chairs and comfort furniture solutions featuring all our Stressless product benefits. Find everything you need to furnish your home from our Stressless page.

See the entire Stressless range.